Leaks can’t hide from Matrix Plumbing. Our plumbers are specially trained to locate leaks within and under the slab without chipping or breaking out the concrete. We are often assigned “Full” Plumbing tests for foundation claims, that include testing all of the plumbing in and on the slab level of the home.

We use Static Pressure testing to locate and isolate leaks on drains and sewer systems. If requested, Flow testing can be performed on any drain leaks found, which will indicate whether or not the drain leaks found, leak under normal use. We perform Hydrostatic Pressure testing on the water supply system to include the yard line, any connecting sprinkler system and the house supply system. If a water line slab leak is found, we are able to pinpoint the leak without breaking the slab. We also test shower pans, shower risers, tub waste and overflows and A/C condensate lines.

All drain leak test reports come with a scaled drawing with the approximate layout of the plumbing lines, a detailed LEAK LOCATION key that goes with the drawing, an estimate for tunnel or slab access repairs and another drawing showing the route of the tunnel or slab repairs. All test reports can be emailed, mailed or faxed direct to you with your claim’s information on each page. We will provide the homeowner with an estimate of the repair costs but the testing reports are not released without the insurance companies’ permission.

To assign a claim to Matrix Plumbing, please email it directly to our Field Manager Jason, Or you are also welcome to call in job assignments at 817-893-3380. We will send you an email confirmation of the scheduled appointment for your files and our normal Testing Report turnaround time is 1-3 business days from the date we finalize the test. Working with Matrix is seamless and worry free for adjusters and homeowners.