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The Leak Detection Plumber Near Me In Hurst, Texas​

You’re up to your elbows in dishwater when it hits you. That drip, drip, drip that you thought was just a leaky faucet or a worn part is actually coming from under the floor. You know what this means—a water leak below the foundation of your home. And you’re not sure how long it’s been leaking.

That can spell disaster for the structure of your house and potentially cause thousands (or even tens of thousands) in water damage to your belongings or worse—the foundation itself. So what do you do? Who do you call? Leaks beneath a home are tricky to find because they can be occurring where you least expect them. They aren’t always easy to detect, but Matrix Plumbing is the leak detection expert near me in Hurst who can find and fix leaks below your foundation quickly so that no further damage occurs to your house.

There are two kinds of leaks that occur beneath the foundation of a home: slow moving leaks and fast moving leaks. Slow moving leaks can cause significant damage if not caught early. The water slowly seeps into the soil or the flooring under your home causing moisture to build up in those spots causing mold to develop and drywall or other materials to warp and crack.

Fast moving leaks can cause even more havoc under your house and should be dealt with quickly before you end up with buckled floors or foundation walls. You know what happens when a sink faucet drips. That slow leak can cause you to become frustrated and eventually just turn it off altogether and let the water accumulate until your sink overflows or worse, you get a massive flood in your home. Leaks that occur under the foundation of your house are not as easy to find because they’re occurring six feet or more underneath the surface. Leak detection is something that Matrix Plumbing handles with expertise and precision to identify these leaks quickly and fix them before any further damage can be done.

The water leak detection services offered by the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Matrix Plumbing employs two main methods of discovery: listening for sounds of a leak underground or digging up the area beneath your foundation and inspecting for evidence of a leak. Leaks that are found may be relatively small in size (think a drippy faucet) or they may be large enough to require rebuilding of leaking pipes like a water heater. Leak detection can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the long run because it is much cheaper to catch the leak while it’s still minor than to allow it to become larger and more costly. Leaking water needs a constant supply of water to keep on leaking so once your leak detection expert near me in Hurst has found the source of those telltale signs including bubbling or sinking areas, wet or discolored spots in the soil, rust colored spots on concrete, tiny leaks around faucets or pipes and sounds like running water coming from underneath your home, they can start repairs before mold sets in and further damage occurs. Leak detection is nothing to mess around with. It’s time consuming and difficult work that takes precision knowledge of foundation repair and plumbing techniques under the house. Matrix Plumbing is up for the challenge. Leaks beneath your home cause serious damage over time. Leak detection and repair is just another example of why Matrix Plumbing has been the leader in plumbing services in Irving, Las Colinas, Carrollton, Dallas, Addison and many other areas throughout Dallas-Fort Worth for over 25 years. Leak detection experts near me can be a lifesaver for your home and your wallet!


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