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Dallas–Fort Worth Slab Leak Detection and Repair Services

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DallasFort Worth Slab Leak Detection and Repair Services

When you’re dealing with a suspected leak in the literal foundations of your house, you want the best team in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on the job.

The expert leak detection team at Matrix Plumbing serves the greater North Texas area, helping your friends and neighbors avert disaster and stopping and fixing leaks where they start so you and your family will have peace of mind. The best part is not only do we work with most insurance companies, we can assist you in reviewing you homeowners policy before you make a decision about making claim.

We know how stressful foundation leak problems can be on a homeowner, because we’ve been there too. We’re ready to work with you to locate, stop, and fix concrete slab foundation leaks before they can do real damage to your home.

When you call Matrix Plumbing, you can count on four very important benefits:

  • Fast, efficient service that shows up on time and ready to work.
  • Professional inspection by expert leak detection staff.
  • Affordable, honest, and up-front pricing that is easy to understand.
  • Careful, respectful treatment of your Dallas-Fort Worth area home and property.

DO YOU HAVE A LEAK? Even if you aren’t sure that a slab leak is to blame for the water pooling, pressure issues, high water bills or other symptoms you’ve noticed, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Our leak detection services can prevent costly future plumbing issues with careful inspection, and we’ll immediately tell you if there are leaks in your home. Our family and veteran-owned and operated business is staffed by licensed professionals, and insured for your peace of mind.

What are the Signs of a Slab Leak?

Don't let leaking pipes ruin your valuable property.

Slab leaks are a real homeowner nightmare, but if detected early by a knowledgeable leak detection expert, are easier to deal with, potentially saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. If you’ve been experiencing any of these telltale signs in your own home, give yourself peace of mind and call one of our leak detection experts as soon as possible:

  • An unusually high water bill without any known cause.
  • Sudden hot or cold spots appearing in your home, particularly on lower/basement levels.
  • Water or moisture suddenly appearing in the home, particularly on lower/basement levels.
  • Wet, spongy carpet or linoleum without an obvious cause.
  • Low water pressure in the shower, laundry, dishwasher, or elsewhere in the home.
  • Hot water running out more quickly than it has in the past for no reason.
  • Sudden dirt or debris around the internal or external foundation of the house.
  • Rust appearing on metal fixtures on or around the lower and basement levels.
  • Soft spots in the yard without other obvious causes (moles, snakes, etc.)

While these are some of the more well-known “red flags” for determining a slab leak has occurred in your home, this isn’t a comprehensive list. The fastest way of finding and stopping any water leak is with a thorough professional examination by a licensed, insured leak detection expert. If you suspect you’ve sprung a leak in your home, be aware that the longer you wait to address it, the more severe the potential damage to the foundation of your home.

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What Causes a Slab Leak?

Slab cracks and water leaks are a common fear among homeowners in the Dallas Fort-Worth area, but the vast majority of them occur due to uncontrollable conditions. Slab leaks happen when the piping embedded in your home’s concrete foundation develops holes, wear spots, or outright cracks, causing the escaped water pressure to seep through and damage the slab itself. This can happen due to inherent weaknesses in the pipe, improper initial installation, the chemical composition of your water wearing down pipes, and generic rust and deterioration.

Unlike a lot of home maintenance, the health of your slab-embedded plumbing isn’t something an average homeowner can detect at a glance. Upkeep and diagnosis of these important plumbing components requires the careful eye of a trained leak detection expert, and the potential cost savings of prevention are a huge benefit for careful homeowners on a budget.

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The High Costs of Ignoring a Slab Leak

The unpleasant truth is that a slab leak never “repairs itself” or “just goes away.” In fact, by the time you’ve noticed even the most subtle red flags, the problem has already progressed to a concerning level. Without addressing it immediately with a licensed, insured leak detection expert, the bills will continue to mount, and your home will be in serious danger.

Uncontrolled, un-repaired slab leaks lead to:

  • Foundation issues – the structural integrity of your walls and even your roof may become unstable.
  • Swelling of floors and walls and unsightly “bubbling,” particularly when a barrier like latex paint is present.
  • Mold and mildew, which will cause respiratory and allergy issues with occupants of the home.
  • Serious complications when selling, renting, or re-assessing the home for tax purposes.

Delaying inspection or repair can potentially cost a homeowner hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs. Don’t let complacency cost you more money and effort in the long run – your foundation should be the only thing sitting, not your slab leak issues!

Insurance Claims and Slab Leaks: Call us before the claim!

At Matrix Plumbing, we work with most insurance companies and would be happy to assist you with the claims process to get your slab leak diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible with little or no out-of-pocket-cost. Before submitting a claim, let our leak detection experts assist you in determining what you should file as a claim and what is not insurable, and looking at your deductible as well. We understand how stressful the situation can be, and we’re here to help walk you through the paperwork and documentation for the best possible outcome. Remember – it’s in everyone’s best interests (including your insurance company’s) to fix your slab leak quickly and prevent further damage to your Hurst area home.

Slab leaks are exactly the kind of issue that homeowner’s insurance is designed to assist with, so call us first to make sure you’re getting the value you should be getting out of your homeowner’s policy. We not only offer expert guidance in Tarrant county slab leak insurance claims, we’ll also assist with financing options to help you get the repairs you need on a budget that works for you.

Call Matrix Plumbing for Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Your home’s foundation should be trustworthy, built to last, and free of excess and unwanted water. Our licensed, insured leak detection team is on your side and ready to respond with a simple phone call. From fast, efficient service to 6 month no-fee financing, we’re your source for everything plumbing-related, from slab leaks to water and sewer line diagnosis and repair.

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Don’t let a little leak turn into a big problem, or find yourself dealing with a huge mold problem in the Texas heat. Put leaks in their place by calling the affordable Tarrant county plumbing service pros at Matrix plumbing, where we have nearly 10 years of experience keeping your home dry without leaving you high and dry.

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Don't let the stress of an unforeseen plumbing disaster cause unnecessary damage to your property. Call or schedule your appointment online today.

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